Menü Kapat

Papers Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstracts should be sent from the application panel on our congress page. Applications sent by e-mail will not be accepted. For communication and questions, you can write to the e-mail address:
  2. Abstracts should be submitted both in Turkish and English.
  3. Accepted abstracts will be considered for oral or poster presentation.
  4. No academical title is used in author names of the articles.
  5. Abstract presenters must register for the TURAZ 2020 Congress and pay the registration fee for attendance of the scientific sessions.
  6. You are allowed to be the presenting author of more than one abstract; three (3) is the maximum number of abstracts that can be presented by the same author.
  7. Names are written in lowercase letters with only the first letter capitalized and the underlined bold character emphasizes the presenter.
  8. The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work must be specified. Example: Xxxx University Faculty of Medicine, Xxxx Department, Malatya, Turkey
  9. Only the first letters of the abstract title should be capitalized. (Abbreviations are exceptions.)
  10. If abbreviation is used in the abstract, abbreviation should be used as full name in the first place and then used as abbreviated.
  11. Abstract of original research studies should include introduction, method, results and conclusion parts. Abstract of case reports should include introduction, case and conclusion parts.
  12. Oral Presentations: 10-minute time slot.
  13. Number of keywords should be 3-5 and added to end of abstract.
  14. Abstracts should be written on A4 size paper with a margin of 1.5 lines in 12-point Times New Roman font, using 2.5 cm from the top, 2.5 cm from the left, 2 cm from the right and 2.5 cm from the bottom.
  15. Abstracts should be justified.
  16. The abstract should not exceed 250 words excluding the title, author’s name, and surname.
  17. The corresponding author is responsible for informing other authors about the status of the abstract.
  18. Congress conforms to the Academic Incentive Criteria and the accepted papers will be published as abstract in the congress proceedings book. Scientific, ethical and legal responsibility regarding the article belongs to the authors.

Evaluation of Abstracts

Scientific Committee will evaluate the studies by keeping the names / surnames and institutions of the researchers confidential over the internet. For evaluation progress at least one of the researchers must have completed the congress registration process. The results will be sent to paper owners via email.