Menü Kapat


With the scientists in the Turkish States and Communities, forensic sciences, forensic medicine and pathology are priority, but by establishing a common platform with many other branches, to increase scientific cooperation and to better place Turkish, one of the richest languages ​​in the world and the 5th most spoken language, to a better place. and to enable it to be included among the languages ​​of science.


To enable and develop activities in the field of Forensic Sciences, Medicine and Law, to communicate, cooperate and support with individuals, institutions and organizations working in this field at home and abroad, and to make Turkish the universal scientific language, to provide information among Turkish-speaking languages ​​and communities. To organize congresses and meetings to create unity and integrity of knowledge, practice and legislation.


Studies for the use and development of “Turkish” as a scientific language among Turkish-speaking states and communities, to share and develop the knowledge, knowledge and experiences of people who have received training in forensic sciences, medical sciences and law, and who have made it their own profession to work in these fields. and to organize workshops, seminars, symposiums, courses, certificate programs and congresses for this purpose.

To form sub-committees in order to create a common memory and language in medicine and forensic sciences, to establish continuous communication channels for the members of the academy, and to ensure the communication and cooperation of the members of the academy with both official and non-governmental organizations in their own countries.

To work on the unity and uniformity of legal regulations in Turkish-speaking countries, to work on the academic and legal rights of members of the academy in their own countries and other Turkish-speaking countries, and to establish TURAZ Academy offices in every Turkish-speaking country and to ensure their development and development.

To provide an overview of forensic sciences, forensic medicine and pathology in workshops, seminars, symposiums, courses and certificate programs and congresses to be held, and to conduct research that will contribute and guide science in Turkey and in the world under more sub-titles. It is to help the scientific programs existing in our country to open to the world of science and to provide information exchange by acting as a bridge between them.

To reveal the similarities of the Turkish Nation and other Turkish speaking countries by working within the body of forensic medicine and forensic psychiatry. To contribute to the examination of genetic structures and similarities of Turkish-speaking nations by working in the field of forensic genetics. It is to help share this and similar studies and the information found as a result of these studies with the whole world through international congresses to be held.

In this context, international congresses covering the whole world are organized in numbers not exceeding the fingers of one hand. With our international congress, the official language of which is Turkish, which we will organize for the second time this year, it is on the way to be one of them. With the congresses we will organize in the coming years, we are taking firm steps towards realizing a formation structure whose official language is Turkish, which will guide world science.

In this context, it is aimed to introduce our Istanbul and our country to the whole world again with our congress that will be held in Istanbul this year. Scientists from all over the world will be invited to share new information available in the world and in our country. In the presentations to be made, it is aimed to ensure the flow of presentations in a fast and clear manner with instant translations. It is aimed to prepare an environment where a lot of information will be shared and discussed in a short time. It is aimed to ensure that the scientific developments in our country are conveyed to the invited foreign guests and to create a platform where we can act together on new issues. It is aimed to contribute to the promotion of Turkey at the level of global competition in the fields of forensic sciences, medical sciences and law.

Despite the black propaganda activities carried out about our country in the international arena, the current situation of our country is planned to be conveyed to the participants scientifically and objectively with our congress, which has gained an international character by feeding from domestic and national resources. With these congresses, it will ensure that our country, our state and our citizens find the place they deserve in the world and develop them.

We aim to announce the forensic, medical and psychiatric results of adults and children to the whole world after the coup attempt of 15 July, which took place in the recent past of our country and will go down in history as a black mark.